Accelerated Learning Products for Ages Two Through Teens

learning products

The learning products we provide were built on over 35 years of development by respected international accelerated learning specialist Dr. Miles Jones, founder of the Institute for Accelerated Learning. They have been used in classroom settings since 1994 where they attracted the attention of several media outlets for the amazing results accomplished by students taking Dr. Jones' courses. The incredible mastery and skills children gained has not been paralleled in any other school setting.

Now, we are pleased to offer our courses in a home school format where you can present the lessons at your child's own pace. They are all in digital format with printable materials and detailed video instruction.

You can rest assured our accelerated learning products are the most advanced and thorough method of advancing your child's education three to five times faster than common educational methods. Give your budding student the very best in cognitive learning!

Accelerated Learning Math Kits

Our Math kits utilize proprietary learning methods found only at Jones Geniuses. They will teach your child to solve complex math problems literally faster than a calculator. Just see the video below showing young Jones Geniuses students defeating college professors in an advanced math competition!


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Accelerated Learning Early Reading

This course is for children 2-6 years old. It teaches recognition and writing of letters and the foundational reading skills of phonics. By the end of the program, your child will know the basics of reading!

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Accelerated Memory Program

Memory Training is one of the most valuable and underutilized keys to accelerated learning. Scientific research and case histories of those with photographic memory shows it is possible for anyone to develop it if you know how. This program with complete video instruction is the best memory training program ever developed.

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