Jones Geniuses Learning Program

learning program

While doing this learning program, first lesson of each week should be a preview. Preview all five video lessons and study the corresponding five lessons in the text. Accelerated learning frontloads the information then activates it in detail in the following lessons. Your child doesn't need to master all the information during the preview but should try to grasp as much as they can and familiarize themselves with the concepts and techniques. If you're taking a Jones Geniuses course online this preview will be done in class.

There are exercises that go with each lesson. Do a few of each type of problem to help your child grasp the objectives of the lesson. The familiarity gained will serve well as they get into the detail of the lessons in following days. During the rest of the week your child reviews each lesson and completes the activities prescribed until the skills are mastered. The last lesson of each weekly Unit is a Review.

This accelerated learning program insists on mastery of the basic skills of mathematics, the "bricks and boards" needed to build the base of the higher order thinking pyramid. It teaches the logic of mathematical structures and functions, and the ability to quickly construct and calculate the chain of mathematical operations needed to solve applications.

This type of discipline and mental exercise is as crucial to the neuro-physiological development of the brain as regular physical exercise is to the healthy growth of the body. Literally, the more you exercise the brain the smarter you become. An important part of this process is concentration.

The Math and Memory lessons included in this learning program develop the concentration needed for your children to "think on their feet" and see through to the solution of many complicated math applications often without resorting to pen, paper, or calculator. Mathematics provides much of what we call the "structure of thought" - that internalized database of fundamentals that helps us to make sense of and function effectively in our world.

Jones Geniuses Helps Your Children Experience the Best in Life

We have spoken about the pyramid of higher order thinking and its base of fundamental skills, like the math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as factoring, fractions, and problem solving. There is also a pyramid of career achievement with unskilled labor at the base and highly skilled professionals at the top. On the bottom are those jobs that take little skill, picking crops in the field, many types of manual labor like garbage collection or digging ditches, or doing simple repetitive tasks like some kinds of assembly line work. Despite their simplicity, these jobs can present great hardship. Harvesting crops can be grueling physical labor in punishing weather as can other types of manual labor. Assembly line work can kill the spirit with its mindless repetitiveness. These can be difficult jobs but the pay is minimum because they require little or no skill.

On the other hand, the skills required to run a major corporation effectively are incredibly diverse and many must be done with a high degree of perfection. It's a complex juggling act and there is no time to stop and relearn math skills that should have been mastered long ago.

When a CEO is ineffective, the corporation suffers or even collapses and hundred or thousands may lose their livelihood. When a CEO succeeds, the corporation may make millions or billions in profit, hire more workers, provide more and better services and innovative products. There are few who can do these most highly skilled tasks. These few are often paid millions in salary because of their rare talents. There's plenty of room at the top. It's the bottom that's crowded. There are millions with no skills and little choice but low-paying, unsatisfying jobs.

This accelerated learning program will help your children have the best opportunities in the adventure of life!