Accelerated Learning Activates Tremendous Mental Abilities

The Brain is Like a Muscle

accelerated learning

Jones Geniuses is an accelerated learning program. It aims at early mastery of a much broader foundation of skills than is required in other math programs. It pushes your child to excel.

The brain grows, in a sense, exactly like our muscles do. If an athlete doesn't push his body until his muscles are tired and sore, they will not grow stronger. When they are exercised beyond the limits of their capacity, they break down then grow back stronger precisely because they are being required to - more physical strength is clearly required.

In doing "push-ups" for the brain a similar process occurs. When we work our minds to their capacity, a neurophysiological process occurs that literally activates more mental capacity. It's called myelination. Our nerve cells, or axions, are covered with a coat of fatty myelin which channels and insulates the electro-chemical impulses traveling the long nerve cells which stretch throughout our brain and body and control all of our thoughts and actions.

Without this myelin, which acts much as the insulation on an electric wire, the nerve cells in that part of the brain do not function. We are not born with this myelin in place on our nerve cells. It only develops as a result of using the brain to its fullest capacity. The nervous system knows to activate more mental capacity when it's being required.

The Art of Accelerated Learning

There's an art to accelerated learning. Although we push, we also move heaven and earth to allow students to succeed at the challenge they are taking on. But, we must push gently!

Seeing a young child mentally calculate faster than a math professor using a calculator is an amazing event to witness!

For example: When your children encounter frustration, you can respond by adapting their program to make it easier for them to succeed. They may be given more time, fewer problems or easier problems. They will also need encouragement and attention. Soon they will be succeeding and ready for more challenging tasks. If your child is experiencing failure and frustration then something needs to be changed. Most every child is at a different stage of development and may be learning at a different speed. They will all succeed if given the chance.

Learning Takes Effort But the Rewards are Amazing!

Mastery of skills takes effort and practice. Like most things of value it comes with a price tag of hard work and dedication. Nonetheless, the rewards can be extraordinary.

There are few things as rewarding as seeing a young person's mind take flight! If you and your child continue through the Jones Geniuses accelerated learning Math Programs, he will be faster than an electronic calculator in doing many kinds of advanced mathematical problems. Seeing a young child mentally calculate faster than a math professor using a calculator is an amazing event to witness! The degree of confidence and motivation this creates in the learner's psyche is priceless.