Accelerated Homeschooling

accelerated homeschooling

Accelerated Homeschooling: The Good News and Bad News

The good news is accelerated homeschooling really works if you work it. You will have a child who is years above grade level. The bad news is that then you must deal with a child who is years above grade level. Accelerated learning is one of those things that seem to be on everybody’s wish list. "I wish I had more time to read", "I wish I could read faster", "I would love to learn another language if I had the time", "I wish I knew more math, but it's just too confusing!" Once accelerated learning becomes a reality in your family's life, it changes everything.


Denise started her daughter, Julie, in our Matrix Math & Accelerated homeschooling reading program when she was two years old. By the time Julie was three she was reading on a second grade level. She had learned addition and subtraction and mastered her first level of memory training.

Julie's joy of learning soared. She was a happy little girl. Sure, I think Julie was smart, but I think all kids are smart. Intelligence is the most common thing I see in the classroom - training that intelligence to make it work for you, like an athlete trains their body to be strong and skilled. That is what is rare these days.

3-5 Times Faster

Accelerated learning is 3-5 times faster than traditional education. It works by creating a learning environment where high achievement is the norm. Everyone gets there if they just follow the program step-by-step. It is a game that everyone wins. The program prioritizes objectives – meaning we focus on the most important skills first and learn them fast.

No child will go anywhere in mathematics without mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We call this level of education, "Facts Master". The next level of skill is factoring which we named, "Factor Master", which mathematical geniuses of the ages call the "Fundamental Principle of Mathematics". Factoring is a part of every mathematical computation beyond addition and subtraction. If you have mastered factoring, it is all easy. Following that is "Fraction Master". Fractions are probably the most neglected mathematical skill, even among homeschoolers.

All of these skills can be mastered within a few semesters with our accelerated homeschooling curriculum. Then your child will be ready for "Equation Master" - algebra and geometry. Some children are doing algebra by the age of eight or nine. Like I said, when accelerated learning becomes a reality in your family's life it changes everything.

Our goal is threefold: to help parents give their children spiritual strength and purpose, to give them a world-class education, and finally to help our students ace their college entrance exams, allowing them to pay for college without mortgaging the house. The money for college is there – billions and billions of dollars go to the children who are the best prepared for these fairly simple exams. A quarter million dollar higher education can be had for the price of Jones Geniuses Accelerated Learning programs. Is it worth the investment? You be the judge.

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